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Our all new, compact, and light weight solar generator "Gusto" has redefined the meaning of green energy!! Gusto is an excellent source for your urgent needs when you encounter a power outage such as your electronics when you are out and having fun with your family. You can charge the product by solar panel or by plugging into a wall outlet. Its genius design and fine engineering, fully equipped with our built in lithium batteries has made Gusto compact, lightweight, and safe! You will love this petite power monster! Go with the "GUSTO"!!

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what does the portable solar generator power for ?

Power, shelter, water and food. These make up […]

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what is solar energy?

The sun is a huge energy, it emitted […]

What we can do?

We bring to our customers the benefits of:
● Complete product development
● Turn key custom power and energy design
● High quality, cost efficient custom power solutions
● Unique combination of local and global capabilities
● Mature development process

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